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 NeverWet is one of those products that has so many advantages for everyone. No other product comes close to matching it’s versatility and usefulness.  I had to get this written and sent out there so that you can be aware of it’s many benefits to you and your backyard!  There is no selling here, so don’t be worried about having to buy anything because it’s not even available for retail sale yet.


The manufacturer’s web site still says you find Neverwet for sale in retail stores online sometime in 2012, but their time frame is quickly evaporating. But the challenge here is how to describe a product that no one has ever heard of before.  If I said that you are reading about a super-hydrophobic nanotechnology product, most of you (including me) would say, “huh?”.

There are standard hydrophobic products like scotch-guard for carpet and furniture that do a little bit of what this does, but when they say that this product is a super-hydrophobic nanotechnology product (called “Neverwet”); they really mean “never-wet”!

Now Andy Jones of Ross Technology showing us a can of NeverWet spray:

Below is just one example of what this company HAS already done with the technology. It’s not pretty, but it’s a great example to give you a “flavor” of this product (excuse the intentional pun!).  Rubbermaid has taken this type of “nanotechnology” and is marketing a product using the same Neverwet concept called the Rubbermaid Clean and Dry Plunger. I think the first video below tells what this technology is capable of much better than I could write. See if you agree.

After seeing that video, you may get some ideas of other things that super-hydrophobic nanotechnology products like Neverwet could be used for.

You must already know that traditional plungers pick up germs and bacteria that can spread when dripped on floors or in cabinets. The Clean and Dry plunger head and pole is protected with the Neverwet coating, which forms a protective shield around them that water cannot penetrate and will not stick to. It works like car wax, the water beads up and rolls off instantly and completely. This allows you to take your plunger from the toilet to your storage space without having to worry about drips and additional cleanup. The Neverwet Coating Repels water, bacteria and other things to make this plunger one of a kind. The unique Neverwet coating is affected by the natural oils in your skin, touching the protective coating may impact product performance.

ENOUGH about toilet plungers! But how about the next couple of videos.  Did you think of these possibilities? I didn’t!

Sound does NOT work on this next video (sorry).

I think you may have seen enough now to know that when Neverwet spray comes out to the retail market, you’ll want to know about it right? When it does, we will be one of the very first to announce it’s arrival right here on the Dr BackYard blog.  If you are as interested in  this as I am, please sign up for our newsletter or subscribe to this blog.  Either way, you will know the same day we know that this product is available. Of course we will have links to the best price for the Neverwet product that we can find for you.

Hmmm. thinking more about the uses: How about the backyard furniture the afternoon following a rain storm.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sit on that comfy chase-lounge and not get wet? Maybe they will even have it in a form that you can spray your whole car and hardly ever have to wash it again! I for one can hardly wait to Neverwet for sale at my favorite online store.

Buy NeverWet right here.


-Dr BackYard

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