You Don’t Have To Say Never to NeverWet!


Buy NeverwetWhat we have all been waiting for is now here!

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Ross Technology has now partnered with a well known company to bring out the long-awaited NeverWet spray.  It’s only $19.95 for TWO cans! Where do you get it.  Fill in the form on the right and we’ll instantly give the best place to get your own cans. We and YOU can buy them today! We did our nanotechnology homework and found the best place to buy it. Click the link above and you will be taken there immediately.

In a few days after you order, you could be coating your outdoor furniture and stop wetness before it occurs!  You can coat your shoes and water will not penetrate them. Your clothes…. well, if you have been following nanotechnology at all, then you already know some of the many uses.  Just about anything!

Rest assured we will continue to monitor Ross Technologies as well as continue to search for other nanotechnology based products and we will bring them to you as they are discovered.

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-Dr BackYard

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